Where do we start?

1. Pray - Every follower of Jesus has role in foster care and adoption.  Not everyone can take children into their home, but everyone has a role.  Ask the Lord what your role is, listen, and respond.

2. Contact us - We can be reached through any of the avenues listed on our contact page.  Let us know what your questions are.  You're not committing to anything by contacting us, our role is to help you, but we need to know who you are first!

3. Meet with us - We can meet informally one on one, as a family or in a group.  If your church is interested in having us come and speak either to the congregation or a specific group of people who are interested, just let us know or click here to fill out an invitation.

4. Pray - By the time you reach this step it will be obvious that you need to approach the throne.  Do so with joy and anticipation of everything the Father has for you in this new season!

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