Our Mission

We exist to mobilize the Body of Christ to fulfill the command of Jesus to 'care for the orphan.'  We want to see the role of Child Protective Services back in the hands of the Church where Jesus intended it to be. (James 1:27)


How do we accomplish this?


There is much to be done to make this a reality.  We need to work on both sides of the system, both finding homes for children who need them and helping prevent children from being placed in Child Protective Services.


It starts with education.  We speak to and work with individuals, couples, groups and congregations, sharing our testimony, the Biblical model of foster care and adoption, and all the steps involved in getting started.  We provide help, resources and references to aid in the process - until there are no orphans left!



Our Purpose

- Loving Jesus by keeping his commands. (John 14:15)


- Loving people by teaching, equipping and exhorting them to love Jesus and keep his commands, especially the command to care for the orphan. (Matthew 28:20)


- Loving Children by raising up Godly parents who will nurture, love and care for them while providing them with a forever home. (Psalm 127:3-5)



Our Vision

Seeing the Church take over the role of Child Protective Services is not something we can do on our own.  We want to develop a model that we can use and pass on to others to use, but we also want to work with other organizations toward the same goals.  We will partner with like-minded people and organizations to further the mission of Fervent Embrace Ministries.  We will work with churches to help them establish a support network for foster families in their own congregations.  We will work within the community to reach at-risk families with the gospel, to lower the amount of children that are being placed in foster care.  We will work with crisis pregnancy centers to help women who are considering abortion - offering them practical, real-time help that they need such as a place to stay, prenatal care and a privately funded adoption.



Our Values

1. Jesus - Everything was paid for and provided for at calvary.  We exist to carry on what He started, following the example He set.


2. Family - We have all been adopted by our heavenly Father and he calls us sons and daughters.  If it's important to Him, it's important to us.


3. Commitment - We are committed to Fervent Embrace Ministries and to all that it stands to accomplish.





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